24/04/2015 • Views: 2751

Go Karting in Birmingham

After the last post about Go Karting on a Stag Do in Leeds I’ve wanted to get back into the mix and get karting again. It’s not actually happened until last weekend, when myself and

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02/11/2011 • Views: 3886

Enthusiast vs Show off

One of the things I dislike most about being a car enthusiast is the confusion between people that buy cars to show off and people that genuinely love interesting cars. There is a massive difference

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15/09/2013 • Views: 5138

Stag-Do Go Karting Challenge

Waking up in a grubby hotel in Leeds with a mouth like an ashtray and morning sunlight beaming through the cheap curtains is not the best feeling in the world. But to then attempt an endurance Go

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09/07/2014 • Views: 2954

The End of Ashby Folville

As predicted by myself several years ago, unfortunately Ashby Folville has now been cancelled. This is a real shame and ends all the speculation around the event. I’ve been slow to blog about

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