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Published on: 11/05/2014

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I recently came across this series on Channel 4. Actor and car enthusiast Philip Glenister and car designer Ant Antstead trawl the UK for classic British sports cars to restore them to their former glory.

Philip Glenister - For the Love of Cars

Philip Glenister – For the Love of Cars

I’ve found the show really interesting, especially as it focusses on classic British cars, something no one seems to talk about anymore. The really rewarding part of the show is seeing the iconic cars being brought to life from rusty old wrecks. It’s compulsive viewing, like browsing build threads and seeing the car progress from rust, to bare metal and then painted and shiny like the day it left the showroom.

Philip and Ant are very straightforwards as presenters, talking about the cultural impact, the engineering and the design of the cars. I’ve not seen this kind of treatment for British sportscars since the surprisingly good Top Gear classic British cars episode. Both seem genuinely passionate towards the brilliant cars they cover, but neither is afraid to address the mechanical issues behind the cars. It all makes for insightful viewing.

So far I’ve watched the Triumph Stag episode and the Ford Escort Mexico episode. Both were great to watch, although I’m probably biased as I love both cars. Other shows will cover the famous De Lorean DMC 12, Land Rover Series 1 and an original MK1 Mini Cooper. I’m really looking forward to seeing the progress made on the next few cars!

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