Sin City Motors in the UK

Published on: 21/07/2014

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Sin City Motors is a relatively new car programme on Dave which I’ve watched a several times now. It follows a group of car modifiers (lead by Steve Darnell the founder of Welderup) that create modified Hot Rods (referred to as Rat Rods in the show, because of the rough, punky style they have).

As a reality show (like most new US TV) has some engineered moments, it also shows the work done to create the Rat Rods they are so fond of. While much of the technology is old hat and based around cars from the 1930s, it is a fascinating insight into how the cars are made. I didn’t realise there was such passion for such a niche car culture.


Sin City Motors Model “A” Rat Rod

Some of the more bespoke cars made by Welderup feature air suspension and Hemi engines, so the technology in the Rat Rods is not completely ancient, but with the cars being so old there is very little cutting edge about the cart “leaf sprung” suspension and live axles.

I don’t really understand much of the Rat Rod culture, but it’s people that are passionate about cars which is great to see. Many of the cars look like the sort of thing Mad Max might use to scour the highways looking for trouble.

I usually steer well clear of reality TV but this show has quite a bit of appeal for anyone interested in cars. More can be found about the company behind Sin City Motors here on their website.

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