The End of Ashby Folville

Published on: 09/07/2014

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As predicted by myself several years ago, unfortunately Ashby Folville has now been cancelled. This is a real shame and ends all the speculation around the event. I’ve been slow to blog about this, but I no longer live in Leicestershire so getting to Ashby Folville is less convenient.

According to press reports, the show was closed because the Police could no longer guarantee the safety of crowds at the event. According to some, unconfirmed reports of 2 separate car accidents at the last show forced organisers to cancel the event.

Dave Joy, landlord of the Carington Arms, said:

“We’re very disappointed. It was a popular event and a good money earner for us so this decision will put us under serious pressure. It’s very hard to keep a country pub going at the moment so this will make things very difficult for us. To be fair it will have an impact on everyone. The minority have spoilt it for everyone else”

While some of the spectacular cars at Ashby Folville left in plumes of tyre smoke, most left the event safely. I remember seeing several cars going incredibly fast past the pub and inches from the crowds gathering to watch.

Aside from a few close shaves, I didn’t see any actual accidents. I’m not sure how the Police couldn’t handle the event. Generally it was cars leaving the event that caused issues, simply having a Police presence would have prevent those issues. The Police helicopter that started to appear seemed overkill for a small event. You don’t get those at Goodwood Festival of Speed or The Isle of Man TT.

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