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Published on: 07/04/2014

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The practice of gunning the throttle of a sports car whilst going through a tunnel to hear the glorious engine is nothing new, but in recent year’s drivers have used the internet to meet up en-masse and drive through the tunnels together, a bit like a flash mob, but in cars. This is called a Tunnel Run and Tunnelers are those that take part.

Obviously your average diesel can be left at home. Cars with loud sonorous engines are preferred, although I reckon it would be fun to see peoples expressions as you turn up in a boredom spec Audi A4 TDI repmobile.

Speeding is not encouraged and neither is showing off in any other way than making noise. It seems like a good way to share the sonic ability of your motor with other like minded people too.

Apparently one of the main London tunnel run forums has good links with the MET Police, and they liaise with the force on when best to organise a tunnel run. It all seems so civilised; the new Hindhead tunnel is probably going to be some kind of Mecca for those seeking the ultimate Tunnel Run.

Unfortunately the Daily Mail has also noted the increase in Tunnel Runs in the Hindhead tunnel (with vague and exaggerated details).

Despite the “thugs” racing through tunnels and doing “do-nuts” I’m sure driving through a tunnel is perfectly safe and not as scary as the Daily Mail says it is. Also it’s always good to meet up with the local Petrolheads or “thugs” or “road terrorists” or whatever the mail decides to call them next.

Tunnel Runs sound like excellent fun (excuse the pun) and I’ll have to try to find some tunnels in the East Midlands, hopefully I’ll deafen a nearby Daily Mail journalist!

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