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    Go Karting in Birmingham

    After the last post about Go Karting on a Stag Do in Leeds I’ve wanted to get back into the mix and get karting again. It’s not actually happened until last weekend, when myself and several others were invited to

    24/04/2015 • Blog • Views: 2754

  • Drifting at Rockingham

    I’ve been lucky enough to go to loads of car events over the past year or so including Japfest and Goodwood Moving Motor Show, which has gone towards making up for the loss of Ashby FolvillesĀ “second Tuesday”

    24/02/2015 • Blog • Views: 2484

  • What to look forward to in 2015?

    As 2015 gets underway, I thought I’d look at what there is to look forward to over the new year. From new models to motorsport and events, it looks like 2015 will be a big year for British manufacturers. 1 Road racing in

    15/02/2015 • Blog • Views: 2740

  • The Best Racing Games Of All Time

    Ahead of Christmas I thought I’d add a list of my favourite racing games ever, a kind of late Xmas list. I love retro games so this list features racing games from all manner of decades and consoles. This list combines

    14/12/2014 • Blog • Views: 8512

  • Surviving the Nurburgring Nordschleife

    I’ve always wanted to drive the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit and finally got round to doing this in October 2014. The circuits appetite for trashing cars (and drivers) is legendary, and it was this fear that made me put

    11/11/2014 • Blog • Views: 26682