• Sin City Motors in the UK

    Sin City Motors is a relatively new car programme on Dave which I’ve watched a several times now. It follows a group of car modifiers (lead by Steve Darnell the founder of Welderup) that create modified Hot Rods (referred

    21/07/2014 • Blog • Views: 19131

  • A Mini Branding Farce

    I owned an original Mini and I loved it. It was my first car and taught me a lot about driving and repairing cars. When the first BMW MINI (Capitals designate the new car) came out, I instantly thought BMW had cynically bought

    14/07/2014 • Blog • Views: 2613

  • For the Love of Cars

    I recently came across this series on Channel 4. Actor and car enthusiast Philip Glenister and car designer Ant Antstead trawl the UK for classic British sports cars to restore them to their former glory. I’ve found the show

    11/05/2014 • Blog • Views: 6500

  • Tunnel Runs

    The practice of gunning the throttle of a sports car whilst going through a tunnel to hear the glorious engine is nothing new, but in recent year’s drivers have used the internet to meet up en-masse and drive through the

    07/04/2014 • Blog • Views: 14294

  • Insane Car Videos

    While I enjoy the odd Ken Block video here and there, I am always fascinated by the low production, grainy footage of some idiot cutting up lorries on a motorway somewhere. I don’t condone that sort of behavior, but

    21/03/2014 • Blog • Views: 1752