• The most insane cars ever built in Britain!

    From road legal dragster to rapid removal vans, this is the definitive guide to the wackiest motors ever conceived in Britain… The Racer Straight out of Wacky Racers this mad cap motor had a giant engine driven vacuum

    10/10/2010 • Blog • Views: 4178

  • Another Jaguar concept car that won’t be built

    Jaguar are planning to reveal another concept model during the Paris motor show this month. Their concept models are usually incredible looking things that never make it into production, this concept is just a “Design

    06/09/2010 • Blog • Views: 3369

  • The Posh car designer

    Its no secret that I hate todays celebrity obsessed world. The fact that people can get a “career” from appearing on one of the multitude of reality TV programmes shows how deluded and banile people in Britain are. If

    24/07/2010 • Blog • Views: 1870

  • What have BMW’s engineers been smoking?

    I saw the new BMW X6 the other day, and I couldn’t help but think how BMW have lost the art of making a good car. I hear that EVO magazine voted the M version as biggest lemon of 2009 (or words to that effect). How is this

    26/06/2010 • Blog • Views: 6096

  • Welcome to !

    This site has been built to celebrate the brilliant sports cars of Britain. From Bentley to TVR, sports cars designed in Britain have unrivalled character and history, I’m going to put on some of my favourite pictures and

    07/10/2009 • Blog • Views: 1164