Great British Sports Cars

This site was built to recognise the incredible variety of world class sports cars designed and built in Britain. I have started to write about my favourite car makes and models to begin with and I will continue to add to this collection, especially when I get the chance to drive one of the cars in question!

Britain has a long standing association with motor sport and car production. Groundbreaking racing cars like the 1959 Cooper, Brabham BT52, and Williams FW14B demonstrated innovation on the circuit, which fed into various road cars over the years.

The cars produced in Britain were not always innovative and cutting edge however. Poor designs, mismanagement and social upheaval all played a part in the downfall of what once lead the world.

These oversights have led to the majority of independent British sports car companies sadly failing – being slow to respond or plain unlucky; it’s a bittersweet story.

Some of the oldest and most famous car companies were founded in Britain and their cars continue to excite enthusiasts worldwide. Several independent British sports car companies remain in the UK, and some have been sold onto other companies, keen to invest in the heritage. Find out more about them here on this site!

  • The Sunbeam Tiger – The Poor Mans Cobra

    The Sunbeam Tiger was an iconic sports car of the 1960s manufactured by the Rootes Group in Britain. It was built from 1964 to 1967 and was based on the Sunbeam Alpine roadster. The pretty Sunbeam Alpine was a sports car aimed at the likes of the MGB. With a 99bhp engine this was enough […]

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  • Whatever Happened To The Lada Lotus?

    Before painfully staged pranks ruled the show, Top Gear was, at times, an interesting TV show. One famous episode in 2002 revolved around “drivers cars” and if it were possible to make anything a drivers car. In classic Top Gear format, a big challenge was set… Could a Lada Riva be turned into something you’d […]

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  • Daimler Corsica Convertible

    Revealed in 1996 to celebrate the company centenary, the Daimler Corsica is named after the coach building company that built the 1931 Daimler drophead coupe. While it’s not exactly a sports car, the X300 platform looked sensational when converted into a 2 door convertible. The Corsica was built as a styling exercise by the Special […]

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