About This Site

July 2008 – Present

This site was built to recognise the incredible variety of world class sports cars designed and built in Britain. I have started to write about my favourite car makes and models to begin with and I will continue to add to this collection.

Britain can be proud that its long-standing association with motor sport and car production has kept the made in Britain tag alive and on some of the greatest sports cars ever made. Britain is unique because its motor sport pedigree is almost unmatched by any other country. Along with famous British drivers like Jackie Stewart, Colin McRae, Graham Hill, Nigel Mansell, Britain is also famed for the groundbreaking racing cars designed, especially in Formula 1. Some of the most renown are the 1959 Cooper, the 1983 Brabham BT52, and the 1992 Williams FW14B. These avant-garde designs kept British teams near the front of the grid.

I will also include and reference some of the issues and oversights that have led to the majority of independent British sports car companies sadly failing – being slow to respond or plain unlucky; it’s a bittersweet story.

Some of the oldest and most famous car companies were founded in Britain and their cars continue to excite enthusiasts worldwide. Several independent British sports car companies remain in the UK, and some have been sold onto other companies, keen to invest in the heritage.