The TVR Typhon – End Of An Era

In 2004 the TVR Typhon project was started, it was designed to be the most extreme TVR road car. Deposits were taken on the Typhon and TVR set to work on the new car. Originally called the Tuscan R or T440R the Typhon name was selected to differentiate the car from the Tuscan.

The Typhon would be the most advanced and (barring the Speed 12) the most extreme road going TVR ever. Essentially a road car developed from the advanced engineering that had gone into the 400R racing car.

TVR Typhon – Note the elongated roofline and rear 3/4 glass which differs to a standard Tuscan

CAD software was used to develop the bodywork which was a first for TVR (although CAD was used for engines). The engine and gearbox was a 4.2 supercharged Speed Six engine, with hydraulic actuated gearbox. The Typhon was designed as a super high performance TVR and power from the supercharged Speed Six was estimated to be around 580BHP giving the Typhon a better power to weight ratio than a Ferrari Enzo.

The Typhon (referred to here as 440R) was going to make use of items tested and developed for the Speed 12:

“The Speed 12 has been useful, though, for developing components for our more extreme cars – its diff and drive shafts have gone onto the 440R”
Peter Wheeler – extracted from EVO Magazine

The engine and gearbox were never finished and most customers withdrew their deposits. Eventually 2 Typhon body shells were fitted with standard TVR T400 spec engine and gearboxes. They found their way into the garages of collectors and remain the only Typhons on the road today. The components that did find their way onto some of the road cars included:

  • Bonded carbon fibre bodywork
  • Steel backbone chassis with carbon fibre reinforcement
  • Extensive aerodynamically tested body
  • Lightweight construction (around 1100kg)
  • Sequential gearbox
  • Buckethead engine (similar to the Speed 12)
  • 8,000 RPM+ Rev limit

The Demise of The Typhon

The Typhon was intended to be one of the best TVR road cars ever. Incorporating knowledge and components from the Speed 12 and 400R race car would have given the Typhon proper motorsport lineage.

Sadly Peter Wheeler had decided to sell TVR in 2004, during the development of the Typhon. This put an end to the project while the deal was agreed. While the new owner did initially attempt to finalise the Typhon project, it was later developed into the 2007 Typhoon concept car, which didn’t progress beyond a concept.

The Typhon components were left around the factory and only 3 finished road cars were able to be completed.

Including the concept car, 7 cars were registered and 3 were actually sold as road cars:


TVR Typhon
Engine:4000cc Straight Six (Supercharged)
Top Speed:N/A
Price when new:N/A

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